• Understand the importance of ethics and professionalism in the workplace.

  • Learn how to increase and develop strong leadership ethics and professionalism.

  • Create a system to future proof-your leadership influence in the post-pandemic era.

About the course

Do your employees need improvement in their work ethics? Do you want to create a standard of professionalism among your staff and leaders?

RADIANCE IMAGE CONSULTANCY can help realign your employees and leaders to your company’s standards.

We live in a world where change is constant, especially in business. From innovations in industry processes to changes in technology, everything is changing. Despite these global changes, people are still the heart of your business. Without the right people maneuvering technology, the business is at risk of becoming stagnant.

Yes, technology has massively improved workforce productivity. But as we all know, technology lacks the personalization only humans can offer.

But COVID-19 forced everyone to depend heavily on technology as more businesses move to a remote work setup. Due to social distancing measures and self-isolation protocols, companies are forced to move most of their operations online. Leaders oversee, train, and lead their team from home via the Internet. As a result, everyone is forced to learn new skills so they can be effective at home.

What does this mean for today’s leaders?

This means equipping your employee with the skills and tools that they need to succeed. But you can’t do that when you lack crucial leadership qualities like professionalism and ethics.

Leadership Ethics and Professionalism

Professionalism competence or expected skill of a professional. It is often based on personal decorum, industry standards, and company values. We expect people, whatever their position may be, to be professionals.

On the other hand, Ethics speaks about the “moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity.” Ethics guides people on how to behave in certain situations.

That said, Leadership Ethics and Professionalism speak of how leaders must act to communicate a professional and ethical image. Whether we like it or not, people expect more out of leaders than their employees. The problem is most leaders are not aware of this.

This doesn’t have to be YOUR story.

Future proof the leadership influence of your people with RADIANCE IMAGE CONSULTANCY’s LEADERSHIP ETHICS AND PROFESSIONALISM.

With this course, you and your employees will:

  • Understand leadership misconducts and the behaviors you must avoid.
  • Learn how to develop strong employee work ethics.
  • Discover why leaders need confidence and why the right kind of confidence matters.
  • Learn more about work ethics and professionalism in personal interactions.
  • · Master effective communication for leaders and employees.
  • · Future-proofing your leadership.


C-Level Executives, Department Heads, Managers, Sales Team, Service Department, Finance, Supervisors and Staff, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Teachers, aspiring Leaders


3 Hours and 30 minutes Live Webinar

Breakout Sessions, Live Activities

Supplementary Online Self-Paced Course

Here’s what you’ll get in this course

  • 3.5 Hours Live Webinar
  • 1 Free E-book
  • 1 Digital Workbook
  • VIP Access to our mastermind group
  • Coupon discounts to other Radiance Image Online Courses
  • Digital Course Certificate


Toni Miranda, AICI CIC

Toni helps to future-proof leaders by strengthening their impact and influence, improve business relationships, and increase productivity through professional soft-skills development programs and keynote. She is a world-certified Image Strategist, Executive Coach, and Transformational Speaker with over 20 years of experience in the corporate world and retail industry. She currently holds an International Certification of Certified Image Consultant from the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI-CIC). She is also a Certified Points of You Practitioner in the Philippines and a Haggai International Leader. Toni is also the Chief Leadership Development and Training officer of WELLife Philippines and the Founder and President of Radiance Image Consultancy. When she is not working, she is volunteering as the President-Elect of the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers and Board Member of the Network for Enterprising Women. Toni maintains her minimalist lifestyle blog, She also volunteers as a life coach and marriage counselor together with her husband in their church ministry. She is a joyful wife and a fulfilled mother.


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