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  • Create an imprint with your leadership brand.

  • Be a stand-out communicator.

  • Create an inspiring legacy with your executive presence.

About the course

The Influential Leader Masterclass or ILM is a 4-in-1 learning course designed to unlock your leadership potential through the time-tested principles on leadership and influence, self-management, and positive influence.

The goal of ILM is for participants to develop an influential presence anchored on a clear vision and powerful brand. Unlike other masterclasses, ILM combines secular knowledge with spiritual wisdom derived from the Bible. Participants can impact the corporate environment and the larger community through Christ-centred leadership.

Here at Radiance Image Consultancy, we have developed an advanced and practical approach to help leaders to strengthen their business relationships by building trust and creating inspiring influence. With our Influential Leader Masterclass training program participants will learn from the following:

1. Developing Extraordinary Confidence  

This module is about discovering a different level of confidence called EXTRAORDINARY CONFIDENCE. Learn the ins and outs of developing this higher level of confidence within you, as well as how to unleash its power by making an important decision in your life.


2. Level-up your Personal Brand  

This module will help you create a legacy-defining brand that reflects the impact and influence of your leadership. Defining your vision, setting goals, and identifying the finer points of your brand are the important steps all leaders must take.


3. Communicate with Impact  

Knowing the difference between an outstanding communicator and a stand-out communicator will be the focal point of this module. Participants will learn the fundamentals of influence using verbal and non-verbal communication, which are necessary for sharpening their leadership skills.


4. Developing a World-class Executive Presence First Impression (That Will Last) 
This module will push you to make that lifelong commitment to fulfill the calling that God intended you to achieve. Use the gift of your presence to change the lives of others. 


The INFLUENTIAL LEADER MASTERCLASS equips the participants with the tools they need to successfully create a sustainable influence that will leave an inspiring legacy. They will also learn how to influence others by projecting themselves confidently through a powerful personal brand.

The lessons and activities involve an “inside-out” and transformative process that begins with you. To lead and influence others, you need to lead and influence yourself first. We hope that this process begins here.

To earn the ILM Certificate of Completion, participants must complete all coursework requirements in the ILM workbook, which will be provided beforehand.


The ILM is designed for:

  • An aspiring leader who wants to be promoted;
  • Supervisors leading a small team;
  • Managers leading a department;
  • CEOs leading a company;
  • The key people and CORE group of each organization;
  • A business owner who has a small group of employees;
  • An influencer who wants to create an inspiring legacy; and
    · A parent leading the family



1. Self-paced online learning on-demand.

Help your team learn at their own pace. The ILM’s video lessons have a total running time of 2 hours and 7 minutes. Experiential learning happens through worksheets and activities and self-discovery is expected through reflections.

Worksheet activities per masterclass are provided. We recommend the participants to study one module per day and schedule a time for reflection and the creation of action plans.

Here’s what you’ll get in this course

  • 23 Guided Lesson Videos
  • 4 Masterclasses
  • 4 Masterclass Workbooks
  • 360 Assessment Survey Form
  • VIP Access to our mastermind group
  • Coupon discounts to other Radiance Image Online Courses
  • Digital Course Certificate

2. Blended Learning.

The blended learning training package includes the self-paced program above and a live online seminar. 

Here’s what you’ll get in this course

  • 23 Guided Lesson Videos
  • 3 live webinars
  • 4 Masterclasses
  • Masterclass Workbooks
  • 360 Assessment Survey Form
  • VIP Access to our mastermind group
  • Coupon discounts to other Radiance Image Online Courses
  • Digital Course Certificate


Toni Miranda, AICI CIC

Toni helps to future-proof leaders by strengthening their impact and influence, improve business relationships, and increase productivity through professional soft-skills development programs and keynote. She is a world-certified Image Strategist, Executive Coach, and Transformational Speaker with over 20 years of experience in the corporate world and retail industry. She currently holds an International Certification of Certified Image Consultant from the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI-CIC). She is also a Certified Points of You Practitioner in the Philippines and a Haggai International Leader. Toni is also the Chief Leadership Development and Training officer of WELLife Philippines and the Founder and President of Radiance Image Consultancy. When she is not working, she is volunteering as the President-Elect of the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers and Board Member of the Network for Enterprising Women. Toni maintains her minimalist lifestyle blog, She also volunteers as a life coach and marriage counselor together with her husband in their church ministry. She is a joyful wife and a fulfilled mother.


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