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Are you stressed and overwhelmed with your current routine? Do you always run out of time? If time isn’t always on your side, this course can help you get back on track by teaching you important time management skills.


Here at Radiance Image Consultancy, we believe that priorities can make or break your time management. If you are easily distracted and prioritize the wrong things, you will end up with a messy schedule. On the other hand, if prioritize well, you’ll have a straightforward schedule.


Which brings us to these questions: What is most important in your life?  What are your highest priorities?


Priorities are activities that receive a huge chunk of your attention. You consider them as important. This could include your family, time with God, investing in friends, or taking a break.

Sadly, if your actions don’t line up with your priorities, they may not be your priorities at all. If you continuously allow distractions in your schedule, you’re procrastinating on “unimportant” things that you think are “important.” And that’s just a big waste of your time!


Most people complain that they lack the time to do things. On the contrary, we have 24 hours. We don’t lack time; we lack direction. When we say we don’t have time, it means we were irresponsible with our 24 hours. We have been either too distracted or too lazy to focus on our tasks.


We need to be diligent and disciplined with our time. By practicing better time management, we spare ourselves from stress. Also, we have more time for our families and other aspects of our lives (e.g., health, relationship, learning, and leisure).  


Empower yourself to change for the better by taking our Time Management course. Our program takes a holistic approach to improve your productivity. We equip you with the right tools and techniques for better time management.


With our time management course, you’ll learn how to :

  • Transform from exhausted to energized.

  • Shift from overscheduled to organized.

  • Simplify your life and shine.

  • Properly schedule your work and handle distractions

  • Delegate your work

  • Create a strategic time management plan

  • Organize your schedules.

What Can You Expect from the Program?

The Time management program is a journey designed to take control of your schedule to avoid exhaustion and unproductive work. It aims is to harness your time’s power and help you manage the distractions that keep you from living a radiant life. Before you undergo the Time Management, here are few things to expect:

  • This course is self-paced

    If your busy schedule only allows one lesson per week, that’s OK. If you prefer to take more time to reflect on your answers, that’s fine, as well. Take your time.

  • There is a companion workbook

    You have the option to enhance your experience by downloading the TIME MANAGEMENT companion workbook. This workbook has all the lessons for the seven days. Each workbook also comes with a journal section for you to write your reflections and thoughts.

  • You’ll receive daily a BIBLE Devotional for your personal reflections

    If you want to look forward to more learning during the course, you will! You’ll get daily bible devotionals and reflections filled with inspiration and encouragement.

  • VIP Access to our mastermind group

    Gain access to a community of like-minded individuals who supports each other in becoming a #RADIANTINFLUENCER

  • Coupon discount to other Radiance Image Online Courses

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to TIME MANAGEMENT

    • How to use this course

    • Lesson 1: Create your grand The Master to Do List

    • Lesson 2: Delegate (Do what you can and delegate the rest)

    • DAY 3: Set your boundaries. Prioritize non-negotiable tasks.

    • Lesson 4: Know your priorities

    • Lesson 5: Plan Out Each Day

    • Lesson 6: Keep Your Promises

    • Lesson 7: Schedule Time to Schedule Time

    • Lesson 8: Find a Time Management System That Works for You

  • 2

    Next Steps...

    • Before you go, please take this survey.

Is This Course For You?

Our time management course is designed for people who are tired of being busy with the wrong things. This course is for the CEOs with swamped schedules overloaded with numerous meetings. Employees who are struggling to balance their deadlines and time with their families can also benefit from this course. It is also for students who feel like they are racing against time just to finish their projects and exams.

Simply put, if you want to get rid of distractions and stop bad habits that cost your time, this course is for you.

On the other hand, this course is not for those who need step-by-step instructions on how to plan out their day, deal with their personal issues, and declutter their home. We can change the way you think about time management, but we are not a self-help course. This program is also not ideal for people who are uncomfortable with journal prompts.

Your Life Coach

Journey with our Radiant Life Coach!

Toni Miranda, AICI CIC

Toni helps to future-proof leaders by strengthening their impact and influence, improve business relationships, and increase productivity through professional soft-skills development programs and keynote. She is a world-certified Image Strategist, Executive Coach, and Transformational Speaker with over 20 years of experience in the corporate world and retail industry. She currently holds an International Certification of Certified Image Consultant from the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI-CIC). She is also a Certified Points of You Practitioner in the Philippines and a Haggai International Leader. Toni is also the Chief Leadership Development and Training officer of WELLife Philippines and the Founder and President of Radiance Image Consultancy. When she is not working, she is volunteering as the President-Elect of the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers and Board Member of the Network for Enterprising Women. Toni maintains her minimalist lifestyle blog, toni.ph. She also volunteers as a life coach and marriage counselor together with her husband in their church ministry. She is a joyful wife and a fulfilled mother.

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Its God centered. It is what really matters.

Its God centered. It is what really matters.

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