”Power etiquette is the ability to learn and use social skills to transact business with thoughtful consideration.” -Dana May Casperson  


Organizations have seemed to overlook this basic element in creating positive and lasting business relationships. More often than not, the training and development of employees focus on improving technical know-how and the like.  


Training in business etiquette is the least of their priorities because it is assumed that everybody ”practices it”. Unfortunately, that is not the case. How many of us were turned off by rude government employees or discourteous staff? We have forgotten the simple societal unspoken rules on right manners and good conduct protocol.  


The Business Etiquette and Professional Conduct - BUILD POWERFUL BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS learning and access on-demand online course will allow participants to review the appropriate ways of treating clients, other business associates, and co-employees. This course will offer suggestions on how to conduct oneself in front of a client, over the phone, answering emails, responding to social media, and during business meals. The participants will learn guidelines for business with ease, confidence, and style.  


Etiquette is not for the elite or sophisticated members of society. Etiquette is for everyone. It does not equate rigidity or arrogance. It is necessary for both personal and professional dealings. Your personal etiquette is reflective of the company you work for and the organization you represent. You and your employees’ business etiquette will create an imprint on your clients and associates. This can help determine the success of any business transaction. Your level of professionalism and ability to conduct business is first determined by your proficiency in business etiquette.  


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Develop your soft skills by signing up in our Business Etiquette and Professional Conduct course

In this program, we teach participants how to conduct themselves in front of clients, as well as the best ways to treat colleagues, clients, and business associates. From answering phone calls to winning over clients, we hone our participants’ etiquette to ensure to win more people for your organization.

Here’s what you’ll get in this course

  • Guided lesson videos

    Every little detail has been tested and we’ve refined this system over the years for it to become what it is today.

  • VIP Access to our mastermind group

    Gain access to a community of like-minded individuals

  • Coupon discounts to other Radiance Image Online Courses

    Avail discounts from our leadership courses!


C-Level Executives, Department Heads, Managers, Supervisors, Staff, Leaders, High Potentials, On Boarding Programs, Sales Teams, Customer-facing Employees, Back Office Employees, Academe, Speakers, Trainers, Government Officials and Employees, Members of Associations and Professionals 

Learning Outcomes

  • Build stronger relationships through positive body language and non-verbal communication.

  • Explore how to maneuver the social maze of networking

  • Understand how to make appropriate business introductions

  • Find out how to build client rapport over a power business meals

  • Master how to navigate in the virtual world of etiquette


  • Navigate the protocol/etiquette to be more effective corporate representatives

  • Elevate confidence and poise when working with clients, or stakeholders

  • Heighten confidence level in every business interaction to be more respectful, effective and cooperative

  • Build relationships with clients to win more lucrative business projects

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and Introduction

  • 2


    • Introduction

    • Smile

    • Handshake

    • Eye Contact

    • Energy Level

    • Posture

  • 3


    • Self-Introduction

    • Introducing People to Another

    • Group Introduction

    • Less Formal Group Introductions

  • 4


    • The Purpose of Networking 

    • How to handle someone you know who approaches and interrupts conversation? 

    • Remembering Names

    • Working the Room 

    • Including a newcomer to the group

    • If you meet an old acquaintance

    • How to control the close 

    • Networking Etiquette

    • Self-promotion

    • The Elevator Statement & Success Story

  • 5


    • Workplace Manners Tips

    • Common Business Mistakes 

    • Meeting Etiquette

    • After office hours etiquette

  • 6


    • Postural and Gestural Echo

    • Seating Orientations

    • Personal Space and Zones

    • The Domination of Time

  • 7


    • Why is dining etiquette important

    • Seating arrangement

    • Duties of Host and Guests

    • Four Types of Business Meals & Categories

    • Table Settings and Managing Cutlery

    • Table Manners

    • Managing Yourself

    • European Vs. American Dining Style

    • Managing FOOD

    • TOASTS, Payments and Tips

  • 8

    Next steps

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...


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