The worst part about leadership and the moment that our clients hate the most is when they got trapped in patterns and negative thinking.


You are tired of getting stuck on the feelings of fear and helplessness.


Your Fear and helplessness begin to narrow your field of vision, and it becomes harder to see the bigger picture and the positive, creative possibilities in front of you.



Do you try and try but somehow still find yourself being unable to Unlock The Power Of Resilience without wasting a ton of time, losing opportunities, and affect relationships?


Does that sound about right? I understand… because I’ve been there myself. 


You’re so frustrated that you’ve almost given up on trying to develop resilience to achieve your dreams and be successful with your endeavor.


Well… good news! Things are about to change for you.


If you are interested in knowing the skills on how to process your difficult emotions


If you’d like to build stronger relationships


Or if you want to achieve your dreams and confidently grab opportunities 


Then please take a moment to read this because it could potentially change the trajectory of your life… just like it has changed mine.

Here’s why: I’ve helped hundreds of customers achieve their big dreams by unlocking the power of resilience...and I want to help you too!


The Tried and Tested Simple Strategies that will help leaders, professionals, speakers, and coaches to achieve their dreams and succeed on purpose.

Discover how to develop resilience and stay motivated in the face of stress and constantly increasing demands, complexity, and change.

Here’s what you’ll get in this course

  • Guided lesson videos

    Every little detail has been tested and we’ve refined this system over the years for it to become what it is today.

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    Gain access to a community of like-minded individuals

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Over the past 5 years, I’ve dedicated my life to helping leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, speakers, trainers, and coaches use the power of resilience in their wins, transformation, mistakes, tears and everything in between, I’ve seen it all.


I’ve tirelessly refined my M.A.S.K Strategy designed to help you achieve your dreams and become a success magnet even in unprecedented times. It hasn’t always been this way though. 


I have attended different courses and did a lot of research on how to not get stuck in my crazy cycle of fear and negativity.


I have made hundreds of improvements and also changed things up to “mistake-proof” the system as much as possible so that you can also swim through the waves of your life and achieve your vision and success.


Today, I proudly present to you my 4 step system that has been tried-and-tested to help leaders and professionals like you achieve big dreams and succeed on purpose.


Every little detail has been tested and we’ve refined this system over the years for it to become what it is today. 


Here’s how my M.A.S.K. works:


•        Firstly, we teach you the art of mindfulness.  

•        Then, we guide you on how to recover from setbacks through awareness, openness, optimism, and focus

•        We will teach you the importance of staying connected

•        We will also teach you How to respond to crisis and uncertainties. 



Are you excited? Because I am!


This is perfect for you if you need step-by-step guidance to navigate through challenges and uncertainties in order to achieve your dreams while living an authentic life.   You don’t want to continue with existing alternatives because you know that the fastest way to get results is to get help from a professional / a mentor who has already done what you want to do.

Here are just some of the things that I will be helping you with…

  • I will help you to learn how to recover from setbacks and face challenges. Depending on your specific needs, some strategies you can expect to receive include the process of being optimistic and focusing on the present.

  • Get help with developing the right mindset. We’ve helped past clients to practice mindfulness that made them become productive.

  • Create practical steps on how to unlock the power of your resilience.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and Introduction

  • 2

    The Power of Resilience

    • I was trying to stop the waves

    • Do You Have Resilience?

    • Positive Growth

    • The MASK Strategy: Mindset

    • The MASK Strategy: Always Process Difficult Feelings

    • The MASK Strategy: Stay Connected

    • The MASK Strategy: Know What To Focus On

    • My Story of Resilience

    • The Source of Our Power

  • 3

    Next steps

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...


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Toni Miranda, AICI CIC

Toni helps to future-proof leaders by strengthening their impact and influence, improve business relationships, and increase productivity through professional soft-skills development programs and keynote. She is a world-certified Image Strategist, Executive Coach, and Transformational Speaker with over 20 years of experience in the corporate world and retail industry. She currently holds an International Certification of Certified Image Consultant from the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI-CIC). She is also a Certified Points of You Practitioner in the Philippines and a Haggai International Leader. Toni is also the Chief Leadership Development and Training officer of WELLife Philippines and the Founder and President of Radiance Image Consultancy. When she is not working, she is volunteering as the President-Elect of the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers and Board Member of the Network for Enterprising Women. Toni maintains her minimalist lifestyle blog, She also volunteers as a life coach and marriage counselor together with her husband in their church ministry. She is a joyful wife and a fulfilled mother.

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