If you are still struggling to attain the business success that you desire;

If you want to increase credibility and become more visible in your work and the social circle;

Or perhaps you have been wanting to stand out and be the top of mind expert in your industry;


Then you will need what we are about to reveal to you… our HOW TO BRAND YOURSELF FOR SUCCESS is created to help you skyrocket your income, impact, and influence.


Here’s why what you’re about to read will change your life. 


In the business world, we are all sellers every day, we sell something to others, from products and services to concepts and causes. A personal brand is the totality of a person’s core message, professional presence, and core values. People create perceptions of your brand based on what you put out there. It may be a product, a service, or your level of professionalism at work. It is what you are known for. Your personal brand is your signature and your logo. 


How you want to be perceived by other people is up to you. If you do not work at creating a personal brand, other people will do it for you. Creating a personal brand and managing it is a two-step process. When you are able to define your brand, you have set yourself apart from your competitors. You have become an expert in your field. 

In a highly competitive world where social media and the internet have become the source of relevant information, managing your brand is crucial to success. You are able to get more clients because you deliver. You consistently develop new products that are readily accepted by your loyal customers. You experience progression in your career. Creating a Personal Brand in this era has now become a necessity. When you own your brand, you can do the following: 

  • You are able to strengthen your impact and influence 
  • You are able to improve the customer experience 
  • You are able to increase productivity. 


This HOW TO BRAND YOURSELF FOR SUCCESS is an online on-demand course that will help you learn simple steps to getting ahead by focusing on “selling yourself first” and creating a powerful personal brand for impact, influence, and be a magnet of success! 


Creating a strong personal brand will help you promote yourself first and generate more impact. Without this crucial first step, you will continuously struggle to attain the business success that you desire. This course is a call to all entrepreneurs, professionals, speakers, trainers, coaches, and leaders to LEVEL-UP and develops the winning brand of success. 


  • Understand how personal branding brings success

  • Establish a personal vision which is the key to creating your personal brand

  • Establish your personal brand as unique, authentic, and relevant

  • Manage your brand through networking, social media, and creating relevant content

Learning Outcomes

  • Deliver a purposeful brand message 24/7

  • Establish brand authority

  • Know how to hone your personal brand

  • Develop your Image for Impact and Influence

  • Develop promotion skills

  • Create actionable steps to success

What Students Are Saying About The Course

Ms. Toni helped me to focus on the essentials and slow down

Rosario "Roxy" Araneta

I thank you for baring your soul and your expertise regarding "Personal Branding"! You helped me to focus on the essentials and slow down and dare to be authentic and work with God's glory as your priority.

Keep on radiating for God's glory!


Thank you for sharing your story to inspire and teach us valuable lessons, both practical (business) and personal. Keep on radiating for God's glory!

Practical knowledge and life transformation

Gilbert Hardin

Thank you very much for sharing not just your knowledge and expertise but you also shared to us your life transformation of course with the help of our Lord above. I hope I can attend your future trainings. Wish you good health to continue changing people's lives for the glory of God.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and Introduction

  • 2

    Personal Branding

    • Build Your Brand Wisely

    • 7 Ways To Create Your Personal Brand

    • 7 Ways to Promote Your Personal Brand

    • 7 Daring Choices to Create a Powerful Brand

    • Final Thoughts and Closing Prayer

  • 3

    Next steps

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