My Experience With Attempting To Live A fulfilling Life The Wrong Way

Let Me Guess How Things Are Like In Your Life Now...

Do you constantly doubt yourself if you will thrive during these unprecedented times?

Maybe you find yourself trapped from all your life circumstances?

Or perhaps you find yourself knowing that something has to change but are scared to take the first step?

I can totally relate because that was exactly how my life was like 16 years ago.

Just like you, the biggest obstacle that keeps me from achieving my self-empowerment is my distorted view of myself and my lack of confidence.

I was not confident, not influential, and lack an effective system in living a meaningful life.

16 years ago, I was living a miserable crazy cycle lifestyle, I have financial woes, deep dark secrets, and living a dual life.

It was tough and exhausting… but thankfully by God's grace, He enabled me to turn things around, and gained extraordinary confidence, became an influential leader, and living a purposeful life.

Imagine how awesome it will be if you stop holding yourself back and create a POSTIVE IMPACT.

Let me tell you a personal story about how I went from feeling stuck and lost to being extraordinarily confident, influential, and live a fulfilling abundant life. 

I'm Toni Miranda of Radiance Image Consultancy, an International Image Consultant, Global Speaker, Transformational Coach, and a follower of Jesus.

For more than 10 years ago, I was frustrated with my overwhelming financial problems, fake façade, dual life, being exhausted getting out of my crazy cycle life and ending up chasing the wind.

I personally was trapped in a kind of mindset of image, beauty, and confidence that I thought was going to grant me the security and happiness that I have always wanted. 

This kind of mindset created clutter and chaos in my life such that I had traumatic childhood experiences, adulterous relationships, anger problems, shame, bitterness, and pride. And a lot of money issues in my life.

I had tried to feel good by covering my miserable life with travels, luxury things, wrong friends, and look good to feel good on social media posts. 

I even tried to put up 18 different businesses, bought expensive books, enrolled in expensive masterclasses, hired expensive coaches, just to feel relevant, and to feel accomplished. 

I really wanted to solve this problem because I wanted to find the real meaning in life, to be authentic, to find direction knowing my purpose, my passion, and live my life to the fullest. 

At that point, I was at my wit’s end. I...I tried to even commit things I regret including my attempt to end my life. 

It just wasn’t working out. I decided that something HAD to change. I went through recovery programs, got the right mentors, studied, researched, and had myself went through different fields of certifications. 



What If You Don’t Have To Feel Stuck and Lost in Life?


Yes, you can now REINVENT YOURSELF, develop extraordinary confidence without having to fear the uncertainties in life. 

Before you start exclaiming, ‘that’s impossible!”... hear me out. Through our unique blend of methodology and secret ingredients, I have discovered how a professional and entrepreneur leader will become influential can reach their dreams and vision even during unprecedented times.

It took me and my team years to refine our strategy, but we finally did it. 

Our secret?.. my personal discovery plus the powerful combination of science, psychology, biblical truth, and a 4-part proven system. 

I can help you become an authentically bold and confident, influential leader, just like how I’ve helped hundreds of other leaders.


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